market talk How to Overcome Objections Facing objections as a real estate agent can be a difficult task to overcome. Often people relate objections with rejections. This podcast teaches how to overcome objections and win the trust of new clients.   Subscribe: Amazon | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Podcast Addict | Spotify | Stitcher About Market Talk Weekly Podcast Host: Bryon Roth Website: Follow on Facebook, Instagram, […]
market talk Winning the For Sale By Owner Listing This episode, Winning the For Sale By Owner Listing, teaches agents how to connect with and win the listing from people who are trying to sell their house on their own (FSBO). Subscribe: Amazon | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Podcast Addict | Spotify | Stitcher About Market Talk Weekly Podcast Host: Bryon Roth Website: Follow on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok Market […]
market talk 5 Tips to Make You a Better Negotiator This weeks episode is, 5 Tips To Make You A Better Negotiator. If I asked you to rate your negotiating skills on a scale from 1-10, One being the lowest and Ten the highest, where would you land? If you rated yourself low, the good news is this is a learned skill and you can […]
market talk Offering Kisses At Your Open House Thank you for joining me for this weeks episode, Offering Kisses At Your Open House. In this episode I’ll be discussing why open houses are so important and how to utilize them as a prospecting tool to get more listings. And you won’t want to miss how offering those kisses comes into play (no pun […]
market talk Working with First-Time Homebuyers This weeks episode is, Working with First-Time Homebuyers. Learn not only how to work with these homebuyers but how to make a client for life. What’s My Home Worth?   |   Start Your Home Search | Support the Show
Real Estate The Attitude of Success We’re going to take this concept of farming and apply it to real estate. This has been around for years and it’s tried and true. Real estate farming is systematically targeting a neighborhood with a consistent message so when people are ready to sell they think of you.
market talk Utilizing the Power of Social Media How you think about your situation will determine the outcome in most cases.
Real Estate 2-Minute Market Update – September There’s no denying real estate has seen some major changes over the last 20 – 30 years. In the past real estate agents didn’t have an MLS to count on. Most areas had a weekly published/ printed report that came to their mailbox, not their inbox  and if they wanted more information about a property […]
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market talk What New Agents Should Look for When Choosing a Brokerage Listen to the 2-minute market update t get the latest in real estate conditions.
market talk Goal Setting: The Key to Success Choosing the right broker is a critical step in your real estate career and your choice can either help make or break your career. So choose wisely.
market talk 2-Minute Market Update This weeks episode is,  Goal Setting: The Key to Success. Goals are extremely important not only to your real estate career but to your life because you can’t manage what you don’t measure and you can’t improve upon something that you don’t properly manage. By setting goals and utilizing them as a plan you will…Read […]
market talk How to be an Influencer 2-Minute Market Update for real estate in June, month to month, and year to date.
market talk 4 Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent I’m sure at some time in your life you’ve wondered, what others think about you. How they perceive you? I believe it’s only human nature. Of course there are people who say, I don’t care what other people think about me, I’m sure you’ve heard that before, maybe you’ve said it yourself, I know I […]
Real Estate Understanding Foreclosures and Short Sale Do you know what makes a good real estate agent? Listen to this week’s episode and lean about the model that will establish clients for life. 
market talk How To Become A Real Estate Agent In today’s episode, understanding foreclosures and short sale, I’m going to be discussing that nasty, horrible process that nobody likes to talk about, foreclosure. Nobody likes foreclosures, it’s bad business for everyone involved. I’ll also be discussing short sales. You may have heard the term short sale but may not understand exactly what it is. […]
market talk How to Calculate Sellers Net Proceeds Have you ever considered how to become a real estate agent? You may be surprised to learn that it’s very common for people between the ages of 20 to 50 in the United States to have to have seriously considered becoming a real estate agent at one time. Today, we’re going to discuss how to […]
market talk Market Update: Are We Headed for a Recession? When I’m representing a client in the sale of their house there are two very important jobs I have right out of the gate. First, I am going to tell them how much their house is worth in the current market and I’m going to tell them how much they are going to walk away […]
market talk The Truth about Fair Housing Market Update: Are we heading for a recession? You could read a hundred different articles on this subject and get one hundred different opinions. As a real estate broker I can tell you what I see and in this episode that’s what I’ll be discussing, the market from my point of view.
market talk What is Market Talk Weekly? Thanks for joining me for another episode of Market Talk Weekly. In today’s episode I’ll be discussing the truth about fair housing. I’ll touch on what it is, how it came about, and why fair housing should matter to everyone. Before I get into the logistics of this topic I want to share with you…Read […]
market talk What’s the Difference Between an Assessment and a Appraisal What is Market Talk Weekly? A weekly show hosted by Bryon Roth, real estate broker, instructor and speaker. Each week Bryon dives into subjects such as market forecast, market trends and tips for home buyers, sellers and real estate agents.