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Market Talk is a weekly podcast designed to educate, inform and encourage real estate professionals. Each episode covers topics to help real estate agents learn and grow their business. Topics include prospecting techniques such as real estate farming, circle prospecting and winning the FSBO listing. The podcast also covers topics aimed to help overcome discouragement.

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5 simple ways to prepare your house to sell

By Bryon Roth | May 2, 2022

People often get confused about tax assessment and a appraisal. So, what’s the difference between assessment and appraisal? Is there a difference? How are they related? How do they effect the value of my home? Get the answers here.

understanding foreclosures and short sale

Selling your home as-is might not be a good idea

By Bryon Roth | April 25, 2022

Thanks for listening in on another episode of Market Talk Weekly. In today’s episode I’ll be sharing 5 simple ways to get your house ready to sell. As a homeowner you should see your house as an investment and when it’s time to sell you want to get the greatest return possible in the least…Read […]


By Bryon Roth | March 28, 2022

Just like any other type of investment, investing in commercial real estate can be a risky business. However, this should not deter you from investing in real estate and benefiting from the numerous opportunities that it provides. Commercial real estate brings immense rewards that are worth taking a risk for. You should also know and […]